Gentle and Moisturizing Sulfate-Free Non-Stripping Leaves Hair soft with a natural shine. Directions For Use: Wet hair with warm water. This shampoo is very rich, therefore a little goes a long way. Take a dime sized amount in the palm...
Can be used as a deep conditioner Softer and stronger hair in just one use. Perfect for different hair types. Directions For Use: Start by sectioning off your hair into fours. Take a nice amount of product and rake it...
Riceology+ Hair Growth Drops
Riceology+ is a Rice Water infused with Biotin and many other hair loving nutrients to revitalize the scalp and make it the perfect environment for hair growth . It also provides relief for dry, itchy or irritated scalps.  Drops will grow your...
$24.99 $15.99
Restoring Silk Healing Scalp Butter
Restoring Silk is an all natural Scalp Butter. Made to provide a protective layer of nourishment before styling. Works well to alleviate scalp tightness, and or tenderness while soothing the scalp to overall improve the scalps environment. This will improve scalp...
Soothing Silk Anti-Itch Elixir
Soothing Silk is an all-natural Scalp Calming Elixir. Made to offer IMMEDIATE relief for dry, itchy or irritated scalps.  Drops will improve the overall health of your scalp while relieving itch and stopping the dreaded head pat that we all used to know....
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